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National 9-99 Police & Sheriff Foundation
April 13th, 2021
Newport Beach, CA
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The 9-99 Police & Sheriff Foundation in partnership with the Chicago FOP Lodge 7 are creating a donation page to support Police Officer Israel Martinez.  

Officer Israel “ Izzy” Martinez 27 years old joined the Chicago Police Department in June of 2017. He was assigned to the 18th district and worked on a tactical team. He always rendered aid when people were injured and he saved more than a few lives. He was a happy, helpful, and intelligent young man. He was funny and always helping those in need. 

Israel put himself through armorer training through the military and on his own time. 

He also took and mastered additional lifesaving training. His hobbies were riding a motorcycle, working out, and spending time with his family and friends. Officer Martinez was a well-rounded person who was respected and well-liked by many people. 

Israel served in the Illinois Army National Guard achieving the rank of Staff Sergeant, after serving nearly a decade in the military. He also deployed to Kuwait on one of his deployments. Israel loved serving both as a military service member and as a Chicago Police Officer. Israel also held the Flag and rang the bell at Commander Paul Bauer’s service. 

Israel is survived by his Mother, Father, and two sisters.

Please donate to help with the funeral services, every dollar helps!