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Mesa FOP Lodge 9
March 20th, 2021
Mesa, AZ
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Critical Incident
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Critical Incident

Apache Junction Police Department’s Officer Brian Brugman was shot on March 16, 2021 while assisting with a high-risk recovery of a stolen vehicle. The vehicle was occupied by two armed men, the driver began ramming police vehicles in attempt to escape. Shooting began and Brian was shot in his neck. While the shooting continued, Brian was placed in a Detective’s vehicle and raced to the hospital with a detective holding Brian in the backseat... this saved his life. His doctors have stated that if the officers on scene would have waited for EMS, Brian would have likely died on scene. He is now recovering. However, he has a long battle ahead of him to resume to normalcy. 

Brian has been on the department for just over 4 years. He recently earned the honor of joining the Motorcycle Unit where he has quickly become recognized as an expert in DUI enforcement. At 6’7”, Brian is known as a “Gentle Giant.” His friendliness and humor is appreciated by all who know him. Brian is the type of person (and officer) that everyone welcomes as a part their team. 

The Apache Junction Police Officer’s Association, along with the Mesa Lodge 9 of the Fraternal Order of Police, has a strong commitment to assist members in times of need with direct benevolent and financial assistance. Your financial support through Help-a-Hero will go directly to support Brian and his family during this hardship and throughout his recovery.