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February 17th, 2021
Frisco, TX
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Sergeant Justin Hawthorn was in a bad sledding accident this week, while enjoying the snow day with his family. What started out as a fun-filled day turned into tragedy. Justin sustained two broken Vertebrae in his neck and back, broken fingers among other minor injuries.  The medical staff treating him are coming up with a plan for his recovery, which will likely be several months.

On top of Justin’s accident, his family learned that his 6 year old nephew died in a separate tragic accident this week.  Please keep Justin and his family in your thoughts and prayers during this time of healing.

Your financial support through Help-a-Hero will go directly to support Sgt. Justin Hawthorn’s family during this hardship and throughout his recovery.

Justin serves as a Patrol Sergeant with the Frisco (TX) Police Department. Before entering law enforcement, he honorably served in the United States Marine Corps.

On behalf of the Frisco Police Officers Association, thank you for your support!