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Drew Howitt
December 19th, 2019
los angeles, CA
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Critical Incident
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Critical Incident

Alex unexpectedly passed away on the morning of July 16th, at the age of 43, while recovering from a recent surgery at home. Alex had dedicated his life to helping others through public service. He joined the Marines immediately after graduating from high school. Once his commitment to the Marines was complete, Alex started his law enforcement career as an Officer with San Bruno Police Department. He later joined the Daly City Police Department, where he had a successful career as a detective, in the crime suppression unit, and was later promoted to the rank of Sergeant. Alex was most known for giving back to the community of San Bruno, where he was raised and lived most of his life. He was active in his church and recently organized car shows to raise money for local charities. Alex leaves behind his wife, Nancy, and step-son, Adrian. His unexpected passing will leave his family with the loss of his income, while incurring the expenses related to his final wishes. Any help you are able to provide to Alex and his immediate family is greatly appreciated.