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Costa Mesa Police Association
January 8th, 2020
Orange County, CA
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Critical Incident
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Critical Incident

We are raising money for the family of Costa Mesa Police Officer Oscar Reyes, who suffered a medical emergency and passed away. Oscar leaves behind three young children, ages 15, 14 and 10 years old and their loss cannot be described with words. The Costa Mesa Police Association has established a scholarship fund for Oscar’s children and any donation would be greatly appreciated. All donations are tax-deductible through our foundation. Oscar Reyes began his career as a Costa Mesa Police Officer in August of 2005. He quickly went to the Traffic Bureau, where he served out the remainder of his career as a Motor Officer, Motor Training Officer, Field Training Officer, Drug Recognition Expert, and Special Events Officer. Oscar organized the police department plans for grand events such as the Orange County Fair and the Orange County Marathon, as well as organizing numerous Baker to Vegas teams. These events would not have been possible without his planning and expertise. Oscar proved himself to be an integral part of the Costa Mesa Police Department with his ability to train, organize, and motivate all those around him. During his career, Oscar served as an advisor to the Costa Mesa Police Explorers as well. Oscar would organize lessons in radio codes, traffic stop procedures, and scenario training. Oscar led the Explorers in numerous community events, including the MADD Community run and Mud Run. Explorers Eric Molina and Sally Ortiz later became Costa Mesa Police Officers and attribute much of their success to Oscar’s involvement in the Explorer Program. Oscar’s legacy will live on through these officers, and many others who worked with him over the past 13 years.