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February 5th, 2021
Austin, TX
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Critical Incident
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Critical Incident

Balcones Heights Police Department’s Sgt. Joey Sepulveda was shot Wednesday afternoon while investigating suspicious persons who may have been burglarizing vehicles. After the incident, he was quickly transported to the hospital for emergency surgery. He is now recovering. 

Sgt. Sepulveda has been on the department for 18 years. He is President of the Balcones Heights Police Officer’s Association, and the Director of TMPA Region 4.  Joey is also known for his close relationship with a nearby school that he visits every day to ensure the safety of students. Just one day before the incident, students delivered thank you cards for their community heroes, the Balcones Heights Police.  Sepulveda was there to greet them and give them a tour of the department. 

One of TMPA’s strong commitments is to assist members in times of need with direct benevolent and financial assistance through the TMPA Charities. Your financial support through Help-a-Hero will go directly to support Sgt. Sepulveda’s family during this hardship and throughout his recovery.