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October 12th, 2020
Newport Beach, CA
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Critical Incident
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Critical Incident

On certain nights, construction and telecommunication workers will line up and service our roads, lighting and telecommunications systems. They do this at night for several reasons, primarily for safety. Less traffic, easier to move equipment without disrupting traffic flow, etc.


To keep the public and work crews safe safe, cities and towns will mandate that any work done in this manner (where the public will be in close contact to a project) MUST be overseen and provide traffic support and enforcement through these construction zones. Oftentimes the service will be performed after hours by off duty police officers from other districts and counties with the permission of their police departments or traffic control offices.


On October 5th, 2020, Alfred Alzantar and Leticia Martinez of the Bexar County Reserve Officers from the Precinct 2 Constable’s were on duty in this way, on an otherwise uneventful night, as most of these well-coordinated and safe projects are.


No bystander, no officer, nor any predictor of the future could be ready, alert or safe enough for what happened next, as was reported by KENS5 News in San Antonio:


“According to authorities, a suspected intoxicated driver crashed into Alfred Alcantar and Leticia Martinez, who both work in the Bexar County Precinct 2 Constable's Office. 


The officers were in Austin Monday working traffic control at a construction site on I-35 when they were struck by a driver who, according to Bexar County Precinct 2 Constable Leticia Vazquez, was reportedly going more than 100 mph.


"He was high on heroin and slammed through the intersection," she said. 

The impact was so severe that Martinez ended up trapped between two cars.

"It is a miracle that she is alive. She was crushed," Vazquez said. "And the truck bounced off her and that is when she fell to the ground."

Martinez is going on five surgeries at an Austin hospital.


This terrible accident could have been avoided. The driver could have gotten help with his addictions long before the night of October 5th. But he didn’t and now, 2 of Texas’ finest are severely hurt. And their families are now without their bread winners and may never have them back as perfect as they were, before that night.


The National 999 Police and Sheriff Foundation was contacted by Victim’s Services inside the City of Austin office, Austin was where the two Bexar officers were working that night. The 999 is dedicated to supporting the lives of our country’s Law Enforcement and their families during times of crisis, aid in educational needs and the ongoing care of special units that often are neglected by budgets such as K-9 Units.

Today, we are asking, no actually pleading, that you give what you can to this safe, online campaign to help save these brave officers and their families during this tragic time.

The 999 has officially chosen this fundraising platform Help A Hero™ over the larger crowd fundraising platforms because it pushes awareness and these online campaigns throughout the Law Enforcement Community in the United States. This group of Law Enforcement Supporters have proven themselves over 25 years of joint efforts. They know where our people are. Where our supporters live. Who will help us.


Thank you,

The National 999 Police and Sheriff Foundation.